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Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenue Bonds are payable primarily from certain revenues pledged therefor and derived from a hotel occupancy tax imposed by the Government of Puerto Rico and collected by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company on substantially all hotel room rentals in Puerto Rico. To the extent other Government revenues are insufficient to pay for the general obligation debts and other guaranteed debt of the Government, the hotel occupancy tax revenues are subject to being applied first to the payment of such debts and obligations before they may be applied to pay debt service of the Bonds. The Bonds are limited obligations of the Authority payable solely from the pledged revenues; they do not constitute public debt of the Government of Puerto Rico.


The Puerto Rico Convention Center District Authority is a public corporation created by Act No. 142 of October 4, 2001, as amended by Act No. 185 of August 3, 2004, to develop, manage and oversee the Puerto Rico Convention Center, the Coliseo de Puerto Rico Josť Miguel Agrelot, the Rivas Domenici Executive Airport, and other adjacent hospitality, commercial and residential developments within the District. The Convention District consists of 113 acres of prime land currently under development using public/private partnership structures, with government investment yielding to greater private investment into the economy and supporting its success. The District will include hotels, retail stores, residences and recreational areas. The modern and cutting edge Convention Center will be the drawing force for a new era of economic and tourist development in Puerto Rico.

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JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.

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Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenue Bonds, Series A
March 15, 2006
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