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Relevant Legislative Measures


List of laws related to the Fiscal and Economic Reconstruction of Puerto Rico, and to fiscal, financial and economic development matters overall, approved by the Puerto Rico Legislative Assembly and signed into law.


arrow June 8, 2009 - Act No. 29 - To set forth the Commonwealth's public policy on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), authorize the creation of the PPPA....


Approved on March 9, 2009:
arrow Act. No. 9 - “Puerto Rican Economic Stimulus Plan” aimed to stimulate the P.R. economy by granting a bonus to pensioners of the Government of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico with incomes below twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) a year, mortgage relief aids to consumers, stimulus aids for buying homes, stimulus aids for building affordable housing, relief and stimulus aids to small and medium-sized businesses, worker retraining programs, stimulus aids for infrastructure projects, the expediting of endorsements and permits pending approval, and other economy-boosting measures; to establish sources for funds that may be deposited into the Secured Mortgage Reserve Fund...
arrow Act. No. 8 - To amend the “Puerto Rico Infrastructure Financing Authority Act,” (Act No. 44 of June 21, 1988, as amended) and provide that the Board of Directors of the Authority shall be constituted by five members of the Board of Directors of GDB, the Secretary of the Treasury, and an additional member, to be appointed by the Governor, and that the Chair of the PRIFA Board shall be appointed by the Governor of Puerto Rico from among the members of the same Board of Directors; to add a new Section 33, in order to authorize the Infrastructure Financing Authority to receive, administer, and disburse the funds appropriated to Puerto Rico by virtue of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009…

arrow Act. No. 7 - The “Special Act to Declare a State of Fiscal Emergency and to Establish a Comprehensive Fiscal Stabilization Plan to Salvage the Credit of Puerto Rico”, to address from an integrative approach the fiscal crisis currently experienced by the Government of Puerto Rico, protect the credit of Puerto Rico, provide for a fiscal stabilization plan, eliminate the structural deficit, restore the fiscal health of the Government and lay the groundwork for the Government to be able to boost the economic development of Puerto Rico…


Approved on January 14, 2009:
arrow Act. No. 4 - To amend Act No. 164 of December 17, 2001, in order to increase to two hundred million (200,000,000) dollars, up to June 30, 2011, the limit of loans that the GDB may grant, whose repayment sources are future budget appropriations from the General Fund, without these appropriations having been approved by the Legislature.

arrow Act No. 3 - To amend the “Puerto Rico Infrastructure Financing Authority Act” (Act No. 44 of June 21, 1988, as amended) to (i) authorize the sale of the securities deposited in the Corpus Account of the Infrastructure Development Fund, (ii) establish the portion of the net product of said sale that shall remain deposited in the Corpus Account; and authorize various other uses.
arrow Act No. 2 - To amend the “Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Government Fiscal Reform Act of 2006” (Act No. 103 of May 25, 2006) to suspend for two fiscal years, until June 30, 2011, the prohibition to use debts, loans, or any other financing mechanism to cover operating expenses.

arrow January 13, 2009 - Act No. 1 - To amend the “Dedicated Sales Tax Fund Act” (Act No. 91 of May 13, 2006, as amended) to increase the amount of revenues from the sales and use tax to be deposited into the Dedicated Sales Tax Fund and to authorize the Puerto Rico Sales Tax Financing Corporation to use the proceeds of any bond issue whose repayment is backed by such revenues to cover operating expenses of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico for FYs 2008-2009, 2009-2010 and 2010-2011.

arrow May 25, 2006 - Act No. 103 - To implement the Fiscal Reform of the Commonwealth of P.R. of 2006.

Approved on May 13, 2006:
arrow Act. No. 91 - To create the Urgent Interest Fund

arrow Act No. 90 - To authorize the GDB to grant a loan to the Department of the Treasury to cover the payroll of the central government and its deficit for fiscal year 2005-2006.

arrow Act No. 89 - To amend the "P.R. Internal Revenue Code of 1994"

arrow Act No. 88 - To amend the "Tax Incentives Act of 1998" to increase the tax rate to be withheld on royalties paid to persons not residing in P.R.

arrow Act No. 87 - To create the "Act for the Integration of Incentivized Revenues To Cover Insufficiencies Due to Excess in Government Spending and Give Fiscal Attention to the Finances of the State"

arrow Act No. 86 - To order OMB to study the development and implementation of a Certification Information System so government agencies can process and access information under the custody of other government agencies.

arrow Act No. 80 of May 2, 2006

arrow Act No. 160 of December 21, 2005

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